One of the questions I usually receive a few days later from one of my lovely brides is, "What can I do with my bouquet now? I want to keep it forever!" I only wish Lou was around when I asked myself the same question four years ago when I got married.

A family friend pointed me in the direction of Lou after spotting her work. I loved what I saw and set up a meeting with her to find out a little more about the service she offers and more importantly, to have a suggestion to my own clients of how their beautiful florals and foliage can be preserved. 

Louise Condon is a designer/maker and lives in Chester, Cheshire. She supplies work to galleries and exhibitions and loves creating casts in plaster and concrete in the form of a ceramic tile, plaque or vase. She kindly bought a few pieces of her work with her so I could take a look at the quality and the various designs and options available - I was impressed.

The process involves Lou sending a flatpack box to the clients address as soon as possible after the wedding day. The flowers are to be wrapped in bubble wrap and returned to Lou for designing. She uses a crank clay to create a rustic effect and considers the position of the flowers. Lou uses the shape, structure and size of the florals and foliage to create something unique to the couple, often personalised with wedding dates and names upon request. It is then fired and glazed twice. The whole creating process usually takes around four weeks. For a perfect gift, vouchers can be purchased from The Ceramic Botanist and start at £30.00. Now if I was a sneaky groom, I'd take a few of the wedding bouquet stems out of the bridal bouquet a few days after the big day, send them to Lou, hide it once received and wrap it up for an anniversary present - just saying!

The various sized vase designs are fully functional and watertight and are a lovely item to have on a kitchen table or sideboard, to remind you of your wedding day. I personally loved the ceramic tiles, they looked so natural and earthy and I immediately could picture them on my own kitchen wall.

Lou will be exhibiting as a rustic maker at The Tatton Park Flower Show on 18 - 22 July 2018, take a look at her work, you'll be impressed!

I'm even considering recreating my own wedding bouquet and sending it to Lou to work her magic on it.....

Louise can be contacted on the following;

F -

W - 

T - 07398178853

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